Ride Groups

Rides come in categories and may be more than one designation, here is an explanation of the ride categories to ensure you'll always be joining your preferred ride type.

A Advanced (Training)
B Intermediate
C Social
MTB Mountain Bike
Women Only

These rides average 18+ mph and will not typically stop or regroup.

This ride averages 16-18 mph and will not typically stop.

This ride averages 14-16 mph and may make a cafe stop depending on the group or the leader’s wishes.

This ride averages 13-14 mph taking in a variety of terrain including some hillier terrain with a cafe stop at approximately half distance on a Sunday. Distance on a Sunday will generally not exceed 45 miles.

This ride averages 12 mph over predominantly flat terrain with a cafe stop and max distance of 40 miles on a Sunday. It is aimed at anybody who fancies a steady ride but particularly those new to and returning to cycling. As a guide if you can ride from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey roundabout in 25 minutes, you should be fine on this ride.

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